Laser & IPL

Laser Hair Removal

Smooth and delicate skin is part of virtually every woman’s beauty ideal. Hair and skin imperfections are a frequent nightmare for all real women who want to look their best at all times.

The treatments we use in order to improve your skin’s appearance are Xlase and Laser / IPL which provide the best and fastest (non surgical) results for your body.
Almost all parts of the body can be treated including different hair, colour, and skin types. The treatments are effective, quick and painless. Our treatments are carried out by a qualified beautician who is successfully trained in laser / IPL.

Stomach (Linea Blanca) – £25

Bikini Line – £48

Upper Lip, Lower Lip or Sideburns – £28

Cheeks, Stomach or Abdomen – £30

Breast or Chin – £35

Half Arms – £38

Full Face, Lower Back, Gluteus or Perianal – £45

Californian – £80

Full Arms or Thighs – £85

Full Back – £90

Lower Legs – £98

Full Legs – £150

Brazilian – £55

Bikini Extended or Hollywood – £98

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